Plebiscite on the creation of a directly elected Mayor for Dublin in 2014

I welcome the decision that a plebiscite will be held in 2014 on the creation of a directly elected Mayor for Dublin. It will give citizens of our capital a say in their future and ensure a decision is not forced onto them. This reform will be delivered through democracy.

Dublin voters will also finally have their proper representation at council level and no longer be discriminated against in comparison to other counties.

This Government is committed to radical reforms and the measures launched today will enable Dubliners to have a democratic say in their own future, and provide them with the level of representation that the rest of the country already has.

Freedom, equality, democracy and community are the key principles of the Labour Party and these qualities are central to today’s announcement. It gives Dubliners’ a choice as to whether to have a mayor, strengthens local government in our city and ensures a vote in Dublin is equal to a vote elsewhere.