Bank of Ireland should gift Grattan’s Parliament to the people of Ireland

At yesterdays Joint Oireachtas Committee on Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform I challenged Bank of Ireland chief executive Mr. Richie Boucher on their intransigent position regarding the return of Number 2 College Green (Grattan’s Parliament) to Irish State.

The building was the first purpose-built parliament house in Europe. Completed in 1739 it served as Ireland’s Parliament until the Act of Union in 1801.

When Bank Of Ireland purchased Grattan’s Parliament for £40,000in 1803 one of the condition of sale was that the building was be altered, so that no Parliament might ever sit in the Building again.

As a gesture to the Irish people I believe the Bank should gift Grattan’s Parliament to the people of Ireland or city of Dublin.

The people of Ireland control 15% of the shares in Bank of Ireland and I would call on the Minister for Finance through our representatives on the Board to ask for the Irish Parliament building to be gifted to the State. The Bank must recognise the incredible support the Irish people have shown to keeping it alive as a functioning bank.