Legislative Programme for Autumn Published

Yesterday saw the publication of the Government’s Legislative programme for the Autumn session. We have a very busy few months ahead of us in the Oireachtas where the main focus will be in the areas of finance, jobs and children.

Minister Frances FitzGerald will bring the legislation required to hold the Children’s Referendum before the Oireachtas in the next number weeks. If passed, further legislation will be introduced in a number of areas to improve the legal standing of children. One of the reforms we introduced in the Oireachtas is that pre publication the general scheme or ‘Heads of Bills’ for some proposed legislation are given to a respective committee to discuss and take on board the views of TDs. One of these Bills is the Climate Change Bill which will be before the Environment Committee on which I sit this winter. This is Part of the new Section G on which over a dozen proposed bills are listed.

Job creation and economic recovery are at the very heart of the Government’s priorities and this autumn, legislation will be published in this area including the Credit Reporting Bill, Credit Union Bill, Consumer & Competition Bill and the Companies Bill.

As part of this Legislative Programme the Government plans to publish 31 Bills before the end of 2012.

Ministers in a number of Departments will publish progressive legislation in areas such as mineral development, the forestry sector, the Education & Training Sector, publically funded GP care, risk equalisation in Health Insurance, Forensic Evidence & a DNA database, an amnesty for members of the Defence Forces who fought for the Allied side in World War 2 and extending the category of those who can solemnise marriage.

Progress will also be made on a number of Bills that have already been published and are currently before the Oireachtas including the Personal Insolvency Bill, HSE (Governance) Bill, Fiscal Responsibility Bill, Construction Contracts Bill, Central Bank (Supervision & Enforcement) Bill and the Legal Services Regulation Bill. Each of these reforming Bills will have a major impact in their own area once passed into law.

It is very encouraging to see so many pieces of legislation in the pipeline and this a clear indication that the Government is taking seriously our commitment to deliver on measures that will bring about economic recovery, improvement jobs market and drive real reform.

The full details of the Legislative Programme are available at the website of the Department of An Tasoieach: