Greyhound should stop charging for recycling bags

Waste customers across Dublin City have been informed by Greyhound that they will no longer distribute free recycling bags or accept clear plastic bags. Greyhound is now charging €9 for six recycling bags. This is unacceptable when we want people to increase the amount of waste they recycle. This is a direct result of Dublin City Council‘s decision to privatise waste collection in the city with no provision to incentive residents to recycle.

This company is single handily bringing an entire industry into disrupt with sharp practices such as the dramatic price increases last summer, the mishandling of the takeover of waste collection from Dublin City Council, and the illegal storage of waste on farms.

At a time when Ireland’s recycling rates are one of the best in Europe, and Ireland success in reducing our reliance on landfill, it is appalling of Greyhound to introduce a charge of €1.50 to collect recyclable waste.

The claim by Greyhound that the charge is due to the cost of distributing the bags and the fall in the market value of recyclable waste is ridiculous. Until the 7th of December 2012 Greyhound policy was to accept a clear plastic bag, but with the introduction of a recycling charge to customers they will now only accept Greyhound branded bags. It is clear this decision is about padding their unpublished profits.