Dublin 4 Educate Together

I have been supporting the efforts of the Dublin 4 Educate Together start up group to get a new school set up in the Sandymount, Ringsend and Irishtown area. Demographics indicate that there will be a need for a new school by 2014 and it is crucial that local parents have as broad a choice as possible when deciding which school to send their children to.

On Tuesday 23rd of October we had a very productive meeting with my constituency colleague Minister for Education and Skills Ruairi Quinn and representatives of the Dublin 4 Educate Together group.

Meeting with Minister Ruairi Quinn on Tuesday 23rd October with members of Dublin 4 Educate Together

Dublin 4 Educate Together primary goal is to represent the community in the Sandymount and Ringsend area in championing a campaign for a new primary school to be opened under the patronage of Educate Together. Another major focus of Dublin 4 Educate Together campaign is to push for the opening of this school as soon as possible, to accommodate the demand for school places in this area, and offer an alternative to the primarily single-sex, church-based schools presently available.


History of the Campaign

• In November of 2011 a small group of interested parents met with the Regional Development Officer for Dublin 4 from the National Office of Educate Together to discus the government mandate for a new primary school in the Sandymount and Ringsend area and how to petition for that school to be an Educate Together School.


• By February/March 2012 a larger group of interested parents in the area had formed an informal committee to raise awareness about the campaign and created the Dublin 4 Educate Together Start-up Group. The group also established a website and social media presence.


• Dublin 4 Educate Together first public meeting was held in Sandymount on 2 May 2012 and our Pre-enrolment list was launched on 19 May 2012. Dublin 4 Educate Together current pre-enrolment list contains 244 children looking for places spanning from 2013 to 2017. The highest level of interest is 2014 with 79 students looking for junior infant places.


Cllr Maria Parodi and Kevin Humphreys TD attending a public meeting organised by Dublin 4 Educate Together

• The committee undertook informal research about school places in the area to assess the likelihood of Dublin 4 Educate Together children getting into schools in 2014


• The current committee incorporates approximately 20 invested parents including individuals holding officer roles.


Dublin 4 Educate Together aim to begin raising funds so that we can continue to raise awareness of the campaign and when/if school is announced in our favour we will have funds to provide towards the new school opening. In the next 6 months we will be hosting public events, organising information campaigns and meeting with relevant government officials in an effort to get the school opened by September 2014.

Parents interested in contacting the group can do so through their website or facebook page: