Whitefriar St

Waste Regulator Needed to Deal with Greyhound

In the Dáil today I had a topical issue debate with Minister Phil Hogan on the need for a waste regulator and strong legislation to deal with companies like Greyhound and the practises they have been engaged in since waste collection was privatised in Dublin last January. Local Councillors also need powers to create by-laws to regulate what these companies are doing in different areas.   Full text below:   WASTE INDUSTRY REGULATOR NEEDED

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Kevin’s Garda Street Station

Kevin St Garda Station Divisional HQ will be built following the announcement of the Government Stimulus Package. This was a project I had raised with the Minister for Justice recently, seeking a date for when it might be built as progress had been halted for some time due to lack of funds, and the recent closure of the Harcourt Terrace station may have led to a strain on Gardaí office accomoodation. Today's announcement (17th July 2012)  will

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