I am committed to the repeal of the 8th Amendment. I campaigned against it in 1983 and if returned to Government we will hold a referendum on this vital issue. It’s time a new generation was given the right to choose – through a referendum – whether the 8th amendment should remain in our Constitution.

8th amendment graphic

If the referendum is successful, we will pass comprehensive legislation for terminations in the event of fatal foetal abnormalities, real and substantial risk to the health of the woman, and where rape, incest or serious sexual assault has created a risk to the physical or mental health of the woman. When the report of the Expert Group on the A, B & C was debated in the Dáil in 2013 that led to legislation for the X Case I gave the following speech which sets out my views.

Last week we also published a comprehensive policy document on our proposals to deliver true equality for women across abroad range of areas which you can read below

True Equality for Women