The Government has published the Social Housing Output in 2015 Report. This is the first annual output report on the Government’s ambitious programme of social housing delivery, under the Social Housing Strategy 2020.



Kevin launching the Charlemont Regeneration Project (old Tom Kelly flats) in December


– 13,000 new units across all schemes
– 2,000 people exited homelessness
– 420 Housing Staff Employed
– 5,000 new units under construction rising to 10,000 per year

The main focus of the Report is the progress made to date in delivering on the Social Housing Strategy’s ambitious targets, to provide 110,000 homes for those on the social housing waiting list by 2020. To that end, my Labour colleague Minister Alan Kelly has also announced the approval of a funding for a further 1,000 new social housing units. This brings the total social housing projects approved since the Strategy’s launch to 200, which will deliver 5,350 homes, in the coming years.

This is still just the beginning and there is much progress to be made. However, the delivery of housing services will be transformed in the coming years, benefitting from streamlined project approvals, new ways of funding social housing and capacity building at local authority and approved housing bodies level.

Further priorities for 2016 include:

  • Increase social housing further from the 13,000 this year to 17,000 in 2016;
  • Ensure that real progress is made on the 5,000 home build programme;
  • Build the capacity of local authority construction to be able to build 10,000 homes per year by 2020;
  • Roll out the very successful Housing Assistance Programme to more local authority areas;
  • Launch a pilot Affordable Rental Scheme for people on low incomes;
  • Improve the service to those on the waiting list and reduce refusal rates by introducing Choice Based Letting allocations in all local authorities;
  • Deliver 500 rapid housing solutions to significantly improve on emergency accommodation and decrease the reliance on hotel accommodations.

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